Note: Registered Users, please see the "Check for Updates" shortcut in the Start Menu or About box for instructions on how to upgrade the registered version.


4.0 - Download


* Changed the software architecture, moved the program files from the USB drive to computer

* Add program tray icon display

* long files and path support

* Real time backup functionality available

* Portable edition available

* Add Disable the program auto runs when plug in the USB device

* Add Disk insert prompt for desktop icon

* Add the Disable Deleted file protection functionality

* Extended download service



* Supports Windows 7 and also supports 64 bit CPU system

* New GUI design

* Add program shortcut on desktop, in this case, user can easy click the shortcut to run the program when the USB has plugged in the USB port.

* Add ZIP password function.



* Good support for Vista

* Multi-language support, English and Chinese, etc

* Auto Backup Multi PCs to one USB (Auto detected), auto create backup setting and Backup Archived for each computers in one USB drive.

* Give the user notice when the 'Deleted files' size overflow

* Display the 'Safety Precautions' status and current files in interface

* Add button to display the system and network

* Fixed the progress bar display

* Fixed the only file and log files name backup error

* changed some notice when user select the actions



* Fixed Backup files size can't exceed 2G in some computer

* Fixed hold the 'CTRL' key not stop the action when plug in the USB

* Changed the progress bar display



* Fixed Backup USB Drive to Local bug on some machines



* Enterprise User Request] Full ZIP compression support for archives!

* User Request] Network Places support

* Commercial User Request] Option to disable advanced operations for newbie users in config.xml

* User Request] Will copy to My Documents on different computers even if paths different

* Fixed TreeView bugs

* Fixed AutoPlay not being disabled sometimes

* Fixed miscellaneous synchronization issues



* [User Request] 'Hidden Mode' added to options. The program runs silently with no Window showing.

* Fixed general logging causing error notice



* Fixed no-autorun in certain circumstances bug

* Aesthetic issues, Wizard text



* [User Request] Added mode to backup date already on the USB key to the user's hard drive.

* Fixed TreeView inconsistencies

* Fixed crash due to lack of trailing slash in pathname

* More accurate progress bars

* Custom colors for commercial version

* Fixed multiple config file bugs



* [User Request] Totally new TreeView file selection interface

* [User Request] Explicit support for Synchronize

* [User Request] Selective restore within the program

* Added shortcut to Deleted Files in Start Menu

* Fixed long filename exceptions

* Fixed "file in use" IOException

* Offline user manual

* Fixed buggy .NET installer



* [User Request] - Can now display confirmation prompt when a successful action occurs

* Fixed AutoPlay disable inconsistency



* Upgraded to .NET 2.0

* Expanded error logging

* Resizes recycled files directory



* Initial Release


Upgrade Installation Instructions

Download the updated setup executable below and install the software (no need to uninstall.) For each USB device you have previously used Automatic USB Backup on, you must insert the device (hold down SHIFT to stop the current version of the program from running), then use the Start Menu link "Configure new USB drive". In the Wizard, after choosing your USB drive and clicking Next, the software will ask you if you want to upgrade the software. Select the NO option if you wish to keep your current config settings yet use the updated software.