USB sync

The fastest, easiest way to sync files

between two or more computers.

Do you need a fast and easy way to synchronize files between your laptop and desktop? Are you tired of dealing with complicated programs, network settings, and passwords? Then you need Automatic USB Backup & Synchronize.


Automatic USB Backup & Synchronize lets you effortlessly synchronize important data between computers, so you always have the most up to date files. With the industry standard USB storage drive, data is transferred at amazing speeds, up to 480Mbps!

sync files between compupters


If you own a Laptop, Netbook, or other portable computer, you'll find Automatic USB Backup & Synchronize to be an essential tool for your digital life. On most computers, it's the fastest way to transfer data, period.


Let’s say you’ve got a file on your work PC that you want to bring home, so you could keep a USB flash drive. Then again, take the USB drive home (or anywhere else), work on your file, then bring the USB key back to work and replace the old one.


The Automatic USB Backup software sync features was designed to help facilitate easy synchronization for different physical PCs. In Automatic USB Backup Sync mode, you can be working on say a Word document at work, plug in your USB device with Automatic USB Backup on it in Sync mode, and it will copy this document to the archive. If you then take the USB drive to your home computer, and perform a Sync, even if you have an older version of the same Word document on your home computer, the software will know to overwrite that old version at home and use the latest one from your work.